Clean & deburr tapers, Assembly flywheels, Tighten nuts to
      specification by manufacture, After tightening set shaft into tapers
      and retighten.
      Use special truing plates to help tighten and assembly flywheels.
      If using strocker flywheels, tighten to racing specifications
      at higher torque numbers.
      Don't use anything on tapers and use loctite on nut threads.
      Check all clearances and drill all oil holes to size and extra
      oiling holes in flywheels-pistons and rods before balancing
      of flywheels.
      Use brass hammer when striking flywheels.
      Back up flywheel when striking other one to true.
      Use oil on truing stand centers.
      When truing up flywheels and no matter what you do the
      readings keeps changing side to side or top to bottom,
      You need to retighten flywheel nuts, Or re-clean tapers.
      When balancing flywheels, Holes that have been drilled and
      area is to light on weight, Tap holes with fine thread and fill with
      old wheel weights lead, Put in punch into flywheels to
      stop lead from screwing out.
      Drill 1/2 holes so all can be tapped and filled if necessary.
      All holes don't have to be on side of rim on flywheels.
      Don't weld or rivet extra weight on flywheels.
      Polish of rods and flywheels help oil run off easier. and
      rounding of edges.
      Three oiling holes in crank pin gives equal oiling to all bearings
      & sides of rods and flywheel rub surfaces.
      Always install oil metering plug in pinion shaft.
      If flywheels are out of true in same place on shaft, a press
      can be use to press into right readout.
  Rays place Inc. 08-02